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WRF Member Rev. Mike Sharrett Responds to the PCA Study Committee Report

WRF Member Rev. Mike Sharrett Responds to the PCA Study Committee Report

 Wise and Charitable Complementarianism - A Response to the PCA Study Committee Report 

I am grateful for the edifying and judicious work of the PCA study committee on the role of women serving in ministry in the church. From where I sit it struck a wonderful balance, though I suspect- and understand- that folks at each end of the continuum on the issue will be left wanting more. 

I was delighted to read that the report was a collaborative effort of folks who did not share convictions on the subject- a wise and charitable move. As such it strikes a gracious and winsome tone, without scolding or lament, a model for how our denomination should explore challenging issues while maintaining a spirit of unity. The report offered excellent exegesis and historical perspectives, as well as a sound basis for complementarianism. 

My hope is for all our churches to seriously consider the thoughtful ways the report encourages us to be intentional about pursuing as many avenues as possible for women to bless the church with their experiences, gifts, wisdom, and sensitivities- particularly employing women on church staffs, sessions seeking the perspectives of women, and commissioning deaconesses. 

Obviously, we’re fairly diverse as a denomination on this issue. Because I doubt we’ll get complete unity on every aspect touching on it, I’d be delighted to let individual congregations decide for themselves the precise ways they live out complementarianism.


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