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WRF member Dr. Jay Lykins announces new website

A new home for our website! As some of you may know, I was “deactivated” by Facebook several months ago for reposting a news item about Islam.  The post was not derogatory - it was a simple news item - that some people did not like.  It was not even fake news.  It simply was not liked.

New book on the Trinity, edited by WRF members Thomas K. Johnson, and Thomas Schirrmacher

Thomas Johnson writes: "In a time of pandemic, political turmoil, and terrible economic hardship for some, it is, I believe, important for Christians to dig more deeply into knowing who God is. This includes thinking long about the Trinity. It may be that we have a partial knowledge of God, only recognizing one or two of his Persons. Or maybe we only grasp one or two of the activities of one or two of the three Persons. Therefore, I am very pleased to present our new book by several authors from several continents!"

Special request from Jinja Reformed Presbyterian Church, in Uganda

The World Reformed Fellowship has received from Uganda a request from prayer and assistance on behalf of the Reformed Presbyterian church in Uganda and the Jinja Reformed Presbyterian Church.

CCEF Conference 2020 - "Created to Draw Near: Reclaiming the Priesthood of All Believers"

We are delighted to announce and promote the annual conference of WRF organizational member, The Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation

Upcoming Global Convention on Christian Faith and World Evangelization

Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International, an organizational member of the World Reformed Fellowship has organized a wonderful Global Convention on Christian Faith and World Evangelization, with speakers from all over the global reformed community, including many members of the WRF and our International Director, Dr. Davi Charles Gomes (who will speak on Evangelism in a Brave New World, on Tuesday, October 6, at 6pm GMT+7).

CCEF Publishes An Open Letter to Helpers Who Wonder: Is It Abuse?

The Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation has published "An Open Letter to Helpers Who Wonder: Is It Abuse?" A very helpful article, this text may be found here (

What are you doing particularly for children's ministry when children are not yet gathering at church?

In anticipation of a poll we are preparing for the members of the WRF regarding ministry in a Covid19 scenario, Sam Logan, the WRF's Associate International Director, asked the Director of Children’s Ministries at Calvary Presbyterian Church (PCA)* in Willow Grove, PA, the following related questions:

New Resource from WRF's Theological Education Commission

The Theological Education Commission of the World Reformed Fellowship offers a new list of resources for Evangelical & Reformed Theological Training and Education. See more here: Resources for Evangelical & Reformed Theological Training and Education

A Road-map out of Lock-down For Congregations

As of today, June 1, 2020, two WRF member denominations - the Free Church of Scotland and the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church - have provided for their congregational members guidelines for emerging from pandemic lockdown. These materials might be helpful to other denominations and congregations so they are available as attachments to this item. The material is provided with permission from The Free Church of Scotland and the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Presbyterian Church in America Report on Same-Sex Relations

In June 2019, the 47th PCA General Assembly in Dallas adopted a recommendation from its Overtures Committee directing the Moderator to “appoint the seven voting members who shall be either PCA teaching or ruling 10 elders, and the Committee shall include at least three teaching and three ruling elders.”

Religious Freedom for Evangelical Christians and Muslims

This News Item Shared By PCA Minister and WRF Member, Dr. Thomas Johnson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.): Leaders from the world’s largest independent Muslim organization and the world’s largest Evangelical Christian organization are beginning a joint effort to respond globally to threats to religious freedom coming from religious extremism and secular extremism.

The WRF Statement on Reformed Theological Identity

 Associate International Director Sam Logan shares a reminder for you to read the World Reformed Fellowship Statement of Reformed Identity:

Statistics Regarding the Covid-19 Virus

Statistics Regarding the Covid-19 Virus April 20, 2020, by Sam Logan: This information may be accessed at  

From Cairo to Cape Town: Presbyterian Missions and Churches in Africa

From Cairo to Cape Town: Presbyterian Missions and Churches in Africa Announcing a three-year publication project co-ordinated by Haddington House Trust 2020-2023, Led by WRF Executive Committee Member Dr. Jack Whytock This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Call to Fasting and Prayer on Good Friday

Colleagues in the World Reformed Fellowship: We have had some excellent discussions on our website of the advisability of "virtual communion." Some WRF members support the idea while others oppose it. Today I write to recommend something on which I believe we ALL can agree.

Research on Churches That Have Stopped Communion During Coronavirus

The WRF has recently posted a number of blogs dealing with the question of whether it is biblically appropriate to "livestream" Communion. Thanks to one of our members, Dr. George Fuller, former President of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, we are now able to provide some data about this subject.

The WRF and TGC TOGETHER Seek To Serve Christ's Church

Service to Christ’s Church by The Gospel Coalition and The World Reformed Fellowship During the Time of Covid–19, by Dr. Ric Cannada [Among many other things, Dr. Cannada is Chancellor Emeritus of Reformed Theological Seminary.  Some of his other positions are listed immediately below]

Worshipping Safely Together in a Time of Coronavirus

Colleagues in the World Reformed Fellowship: These are obviously challenging times in many ways. Among those ways is the impact of Covid-19 on regular Christian worship services.  In many locations, gatherings of ten or more people have been prohibited.  While we surely are to be in subjection to the governing authorities (Romans 13: 1), we are, at the same time, commanded not to give up meeting together for worship (Hebrews 10: 25). 

Request for Prayer and Assistance from A Church in The Democratic Republic of Congo

The World Reformed Fellowship has received a request for prayer (and possibly other) support for an evangelical Christian work in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

WEF Member Duncan Peters Provides a Translation of the Gospel of Luke For Work With Muslims

Holy Injil, Luke – A New Translation from the Original Greek Text with Commentary: The highly successful 2017 edition has been revised and improved and is now available. Features include:

The 2019 Christmas Musical Tour of WRF Members Keith and Kristyn Getty

Keith and Kristyn Getty, members of the WRF, will be presenting the Gospel through Christmas music in the following U.S. cities Detroit, Michigan; Longview, Texas; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Washington, D. C.; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; Wilmington, Delaware; New York City; St. Louis, Missouri; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Nashville, Tennessee. 

An Excellent New Book by WRF Member Dr. Tim Trumper

Tim J. R. Trumper, Christianese or Christ? Jesus’ Timely Challenge of the Parable of the Sower (Grand Rapids, MI: Reaching America Ministries and From His Fullness Ministries, 2019). 254 pages; $9.99.

WRF Member Dr. Susan Post Leads Effort to Fulfill Isaiah 58 and Matthew 25

Update on a Powerful Kingdom Ministry Led by a WRF Member: In 1989, after years of prayer and with broad community support from churches, individual donors and others, Esperanza Health Center opened its doors as a small, second-story walk-up clinic at 2927 N. Fifth Street in “El Centro de Oro” (Center of Gold), the heart of Philadelphia’s Latino community. 

WRF Denominational Member The Presbyterian Church of Australia Publishes a Statement on Sex, Gender, and Marriage

The Presbyterian Church of Australia seeks to be faithful to God by holding to the teaching of Scripture in faith and life.

A WRF Member in the United States Describes and MODELS a Biblical Response to Immigrants

NOTE: The headline of this article was created by the WRF.  The material below the headline was written by (and therefore about) a ministry in which WRF member Barbara Perrin is participating. Barbara is the widow of Dr. Rick Perrin who, for many years, guided the work of the WRF as the Chairman of our Board of Directors.