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Statement of Support for Dr. Doug Green

Statement of Support for Dr. Doug Green

Introductory Statement by the Publications Committee of the WRF Board of Directors:  Dr. Clair Davis, an individual member of the WRF, has requested the posting on the WRF website of the signed statement by numerous individuals and a similar statement by the Session of New Life Presbyterian Church (PCA; Glenside, Pennsylvania) both affirming the belief that Dr. Doug Green, also an individual member of the WRF, is fully orthodox and that his teaching is consistent with the Westminster Standards.   Westminster Theological Seminary, at which Dr. Green taught for many years and from which he was “honorably retired” in June of 2014, is an organizational member of the WRF.

 One of the purposes of the WRF website is to promote discussion as well as constructive exchanges allowing a legitimate expression of differing views of its members on some important issues within the Reformed community. The present debate has brought up the wider issue as to how to understand the notion of “Reformed” especially with regards to the Westminster Standards. A healthy and respectful debate between WRF members of good standing can only contribute positively to the clarification of this important question. Diversity within the unity of Reformed Faith should allow for a meaningful discussion that contributes to a better understanding of some important issues of our Faith. It is with these thoughts in mind that the Publications Committee of the WRF Board of Directors recommends including the Statement on the WRF website as requested.  At the Committee’s suggestion, links are provided to selected sites such as WTS and New Life Presbyterian Church, where Dr. Green is a Ruling Elder, so that those who wish to better appreciate the significance of the debate at hand may do so.

 Members of the Publications Committee of the WRF Board of Directors:

 Pierre Berthoud, Chair (France), Matthew Ebenezer (India), Koos Richards (South Africa), Rob Norris, USA


 September 9, 2014 


To the Evangelical and Reformed Christian Community -

We, the undersigned, wish to affirm the following:

1) We are aware of the "retirement" of Dr. Douglas Green from his position on the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.  See  

2) We are aware that two articles written by Dr. Green were cited by Westminster Theological Seminary on the seminary’s website on June 6, 2014, as the cause of that retirement and that those two articles are the following: "'The Lord is Christ's Shepherd': Psalm 23 as Messianic Prophecy," in Eyes to See, Ears to Hear: Essays in Honor of J. Alan Groves (eds. P. Enns, D. J. Green, and M. B. Kelly; 2010), 33 - 46; and "How to Read Old Testament Narratives" (online essay). 

3) We have read these two articles carefully. 

4) We find nothing in these articles which is, in any way, inconsistent with the Westminster Standards (The Confession of Faith, The Larger Catechism, and the Shorter Catechism) as we understand those Standards. 

5) We find nothing in these articles which is inconsistent, in any way, with the hermeneutical and exegetical tradition at Westminster Theological Seminary as we understand that tradition.   

6) We believe that Dr. Douglas Green consistently upholds the authority and integrity of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments both in his teaching and in his life.  

Signed by: 

Rev. Suler D. Acosta - Westminster M.Div. 2003

Rev. Don Aldin - Westminster, M.Div. 1992

Dr. Dan Allender – Westminster M.Div. 1978

Dr. John H. Armstrong – President of the ACT3 Network and friend of Westminster

Rev. Steven Badorf - Westminster M.Div. 2001

Dr. Susan Baker -  Westminster part-time lecturer 1991-1998; Westminster Adjunct Professor and Staff 1999-2008

Dr. William Barker – Westminster Faculty member 1987 – 2000; Academic Dean / Vice President for Academic Affairs 1991 – 2000

Dr. Tuck Bartholomew – Westminster M.Div. 1991; Westminster Board member 2005 – 2008

Mr. Joel J. Bassett - Westminster M.Div. 2013

Mr. Casey Bedell - Westminster student 2006-2009; Reformed Theological Seminary M.A. 2013

Ms. Elisabeth Berger – Westminster Ph.D. student 1997 – 2004

Ms. Cecelia J. Bernhardt - Westminster M.Div. 1996

Dr. John Bettler – Westminster M.Div. 1967; Westminster Faculty member 1974 – 2006

Rev. R. Nicholas Black - Westminster M.A.R. 1988

Rev. Jason Bobo – Westminster M.Div. 2009

Dr. Mark Boda – Westminster M.Div. 1991

Mr. Steve Bohannon – Westminster M.Div. 2011

Rev. Jonathan Bonomo – Westminster M.Div. 2011

Rev. Geoff Bradford – Westminster M.Div. 2000

Dr. Larry Bray – The North American Reformed Seminary, Administrator; The Urban Ministry Institute (World Impact), Academic Dean

Rev. Alex Burgess - Westminster M.Div. 1997

Rev. Bill Burns - Westminster M.Div. 2008; Westminster Teaching Fellow 2008

Mr. Ben Byerly – Westminster M.Div. 2001Mr.

Dan Cason - Westminster M.Div. 1996; Westminster Director of Admissions 2000 - 2008; Westminster Bookstore 2011 - 2014 

Mrs. Keeley P. Chorn - Westminster M.Div. 2009

Mr. Daeil Chun -  Westminster M.Div.  2012

Rev. Bo Cogbill - Redeemer Theological Seminary M.Div. 2012

Rev. Ben Coppedge – Westminster M.Div. 2013

Rev. Chris Currie – Westminster M.Div. 2012

Dr. Rob Dalrymple – Westminster Th.M. 2004; Westminster Ph.D. 2008; Westminster Teaching Fellow 2003 - 2006

Dr. D. Clair Davis – Westminster M. Div., 1956; Westminster Faculty member 1966 – 2004

Mr. Robert F. Davis – Westminster Director of Development 2008 – 2010

Rev. Kyle Dillon – PCA Teaching Elder, Faculty member of Theology at Westminster Academy in Memphis, Tennessee

Dr. Michael Emlet - Westminster M.Div. 2001

Dr. John F. Evans – Head of Department and Lecturer, Department of Biblical Studies, Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, Africa International University

Dr. William B. Evans - Westminster M.A.R 1984; Westminster Th.M. 1986

Dr. Chris Fantuzzo – Westminster M.Div. 2001; Westminster part-time faculty member 2002 - 2005; Westminster full-time faculty member 2009 - 2014

Dr. Joseline Fugar  - Westminster M.A. 2003; Westminster D.Min. 2006

Dr. E. R. Geehan – Westminster M.Div. 1968

Mr. Michael Gembola - Westminster M.A.R. 2012

Dr. Michael Goheen – Westminster M.A.R 1984

Rev. David Goneau – Westminster M.Div. 2001

Rev. Alex Graham III – Westminster M.Div. 2008

Chaplain Luke G. Heibel (U. S. Army) - Westminster M.Div. 2007

Dr. Craig Higgins – Westminster M.Div. 1989; Westminster Board member 2002 – 2008

Mr. Brian Hogan – Westminster M.Div. 2014

Rev. Michael Hollenbach – Westminster M.Div. 1998

Mr. Daniel Yongkee Hwang - Westminster M.Div. 2000

Mr. Peter Jansson – Westminster Board member 2001 – 2008

Mr. Nathanael Johnston - Westminster M.A.R. 2012

Dr. Paul C. Kemeny – Westminster M.A.R. 1986; M.Div. 1987

Dr. Laura Keyser - M.S. in Christian Counseling from Philadelphia Biblical University, Licensed Professional Counselor, Ph.D. in Human Services from Capella University

Rev. Andrew Kim - Westminster M.Div. 2012

Rev. Iron D. Kim - Westminster M.Div. 1994

Mr. Michael King – Westminster student 2009 – 2010; Redeemer Seminary M.Div. 2014

Rev. James C. Kirk - Westminster M.Div, 2002

Rev. Steven Ko - Westminster M. Div. 2011

Rev. Jean Young Lee – Westminster M.Div. 2010

Dr. Kyuboem Lee - Westminster M.Div. 1997; Westminster D.Min. 2006; Westminster Adjunct Faculty, 2006 – 2011

Rev. Rob Leverett – Westminster M.Div. 1991

Dr. Samuel Logan - Westminster M.Div., 1968; Westminster Faculty member 1979 – 2006; President 1991 – 2005

Dr. Tremper Longman – Westminster M.Div. 1977; Westminster full-time Faculty member 1981 – 1998

Dr. Kin Yip Louie - Westminster M. Div. 1993

Rev. James Lovelady – Westminster M.Div. 2009

Rev. Gregg MacDougall – Westminster M.Div. 1995

Ms. Rosalynn Mathews - Westminster M.Div. 2014

Dr. Dan McCartney – Westminster Ph.D. 1989; Westminster part-time Faculty member 1983 – 1987; Westminster full-time Faculty member 1987 – 2009

Dr. Gordon McConville, Professor of Old Testament Theology at the University of Gloucestershire; friend of the Westminster biblical tradition

Rev. John McCracken – Westminster M.Div. 1999

Mrs. Mindy McCracken – Westminster student 1999

Rev. Glenn McDowell  - Westminster M.Div. 1980

Rev. Steve Meidahl – Westminster M.Div. 1993

Mrs. Kimberly Vinal Monroe – Westminster M.A.R. 1989

Dr. Philip Monroe – Westminster M.A.R. 1991; Westminster employee 1989 – 1994

Rev. Justin Moore – Westminster M.Div. 2007

Ms. Sara Morrison - Westminster M.A.R. 1988

Rev. Bob Myers – Westminster M.Div. 1988

Mrs. Elizabeth Lama Myers – Westminster M.A.R. 1989

Mr. Jack Murphy - Redeemer Seminary M.A. 2011

Ms. Frances Bragdon Nelson - Westminster M.A. 2005

Mr. Jeffrey McRobbie - Westminster M.Div. 2004; Westminster employee 2005 – 2006

Mrs. Nina McRobbie – Westminster M.A. 2004; Westminster Faculty Secretary, Educational Technologist 1998 – 2006

Ms. Arlene Navarro – Westminster M.A. 2007

Dr. Eko Ong – Present student at Redeemer Seminary

Dr. Iain Provan - Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies, Regent College

Rev. Jacob Puckett – Westminster M.A.R. 2011

Dr. Meredith Riedel - Westminster M.Div. 2002

Mr. Austin Ricketts – Westminster M.A.R. 2004

Rev. Sean Roberts - Westminster M.Div. 2009

Mr. Jesse Robinson – Westminster M.Div. 2013

Dr. Ronald W. Scates - Former Senior Pastor of Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas and part-time student at Redeemer Seminary

Ms. Karen Schoch - Westminster MABC 2009

Dr. George M. Schwab – Westminster M.Div. 1994; Westminster Ph.D. 1999

Mr. Cameron Shaffer – Redeemer Theological Seminary, expected graduation 2015

Dr. Tim Sheridan – Westminster M.Div. 1999

Dr. Scot Sherman – Westminster M.Div. 1989

Dr. Jerry Shepherd -- Westminster M.A.R. 1985; Westminster Ph.D. 1995;  Westminster Adjunct Lecturer in Old Testament 1987 – 1992

Rev. Jedidiah Slaboda - Westminster M.Div. 2005

Dr. Adrian T. Smith - Westminster Th.M.  1997; Westminster Ph.D. 2006; Westminster Lecturer, 1998 - 2003; Westminster Faculty member 2006 – 2009

Rev. Joel St. Clair - Westminster M.Div. 2009

Rev. Tony Stiff – Westminster M.Div. 2007

Rev. Stuart Stogner – Westminster M.Div. 1990

Rev. Bryan Stoudt – Westminster M.Div. 1999

Rev. Samuel Sutter, Westminster M.Div. 2006

Mr. Jon Marq Toombs – Redeemer Theological Seminary M.A.R. 2012

Rev. Ryan Tompkins - Westminster M.Div. 2004

Mr. Gene Twilley – Westminster M.Div. 2013

Ms. Jessica Wey – Westminster M.A.R 2010 and M.A.B.C. 2011

Rev. Benjamin Wheeler – Westminster M.Div. 2008

Mr. John Williams – Westminster student 1969 – 70; Westminster Board member 1994 – 2008

Dr. Michael D. Williams - Professor of Systematic Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary and Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology at Redeemer Seminary

Mr. Thomas Wilson – Westminster M.A.R. 1981; Westminster Th.M. student 1982

Rev. Kenneth Woo – Westminster M.Div. 2004


NOTE: The matter immediately below should be regarded as separate from the matter above because the matter immediately below was NOT approved by the signatories listed above.  However, the matter below is included here because it addresses the same issue as is addressed by the statement above.

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014, the Session of New Life Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Glenside, Pennsylvania, of which Dr. Doug Green is a member and a Ruling Elder, met with a representative of Westminster Theological Seminary to ask for a further explanation of the decision by Westminster that led to the announced “retirement” of Dr. Green from the Westminster Faculty.  The Session then met with Dr. Green to explore with him the matters mentioned by the Westminster representative.  On Tuesday, July 22, 2014, the New Life Session met again to discuss what they had heard and to try to reach some conclusion about the matter.

With the expressed written permission of Rev. Steve Smallman, Moderator of the New Life Session, we include here the unanimous conclusion of that Session:

We the Session of New Life Church, while fully respecting the right of the Board of Westminster Seminary to determine the bounds under which its faculty may operate, respectfully disagree with its judgment and are satisfied that Doug Green’s teaching does not fall outside the Westminster Standards.

The full statement by the New Life Session is available here –


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