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DISCERNING ISLAM: A Resource for Understanding Islam

DISCERNING ISLAM: A Resource for Understanding Islam

Islam has been an important part of American life going back at least to the 1940’s, although history indicates Muslims have actually been a part of our country’s founding from the eighteenth century. 

However, since what is now called “radical Islam” has made its debut on the world stage, it has become even more important, but in a way all of us wish did not exist . . . terrorism – domestic and international.  One doesn’t have to look very far to see its impact; just take a trip, starting with the arrival at your local airport.  The impact can be seen from the time one arrives at the drop-off point where security urges us all to speed things up and move along, information required at check in – picture ID and boarding pass – going through the security lines – take off your shoes, remove your belt, take off your jacket, empty your pockets, oh, and take off your hat – right up to the time of boarding . . . show your ID and boarding pass again.  Then, when one arrives at their destination, it continues right up to the time one gets in a vehicle under the departure signs at curbside – close the gap, no standing, and hurry along again.

But, what is Islam?  Is it a religion?  Is it a political movement?  Is it an economic system?  Is it all three or more . . . or less?

DISCERNING ISLAM (DI) [] seeks to help answer these questions and others as well, thereby removing the mystery that surrounds Islam.  Currently there are over 200 topics and 6,000 pages of information.  Our newest addition for all of these topics is a “rating section” for each one which is similar to the rating system used by  Your feedback is important and we want to hear from you.

Under the drop-down menu labeled WHAT IS ISLAM?, you will find course-like-text similar to the headings you would find for college or university courses, as outlined below:


   SECTION 100:  Introduction To Islam

   SECTION 200: Biographies Of Famous, Non-Famous & Infamous Muslims In History;

   SECTION 300:  Commentaries On Islam (blog, notes, thoughts, and random postings);

   SECTION 400:  The Five Pillars, Other Rituals, And Shari’a (Islamic Law);

   SECTION 500:  Religions Of The Middle East;

   SECTION 600:  Theology & Eschatology;

   SECTION 700:  Miscellaneous Topics;

   SECTION 800:  The Crusades & Medieval Times; 

   SECTION 900:  Of Empires And Caliphates, Country Reports And City States;

   SECTION 1000: People & Organizations Of Radical islam;

   SECTION 1100: Legal Documents Of Radical Islam;

   SECTION 1200: Other Documents Of Radical Islam;

   SECTION 1300: Propaganda Of Radical Islam;

   SECTION 1400: What’s Next?


The drop-down menu labeled MAPS, COUNTRY PROFILES & INTELLIGENCE  is where you will locate profiles on various Islamic countries and countries where Muslims represent a significant portion of the population, either in number or sphere of influence.  These profiles are linked to the CIA’s World Factbook and/or the State Department’s List Of Countries along with Maps of the world, regions, countries and what is known as the 10/40 window.  The Intelligence section includes links to many of the best intelligence agencies in the world . . . CIA, MI-6. Interpol, MOSSAD and others.

The menu labeled VIDEOS & MOVIES & BOOKS will include VIDEOS with links to mostly YouTube pieces on various topics of Islam or in some way representative of Islam.  The MOVIES section provides a list of movies which take place in the Middle-East or have an Islamic theme. 

Next is ISLAMIC NEWS.  In this section links will take you to over twenty different news organizations, government agencies, and non-profits all providing updates on a daily basis from sources around the world on the activities, aggressions, and atrocities committed by the jihadists of Radical Islam.

The ISLAMIC NEWS section along with the MAPS, COUNTRY PROFILES & INTELLIGENCE section will be a basis for providing you, your families, church parishioners, and others a jumping off place, either for news gathering or furtherance of studies you may be involved with.  If you have other links you believe would be helpful to this section, please see our SUPPORT & CONTACT page.

There is no charge to access materials and log-on’s are free.  You must apply for a log-on, though.  It’s simple, just create an account and submit your request. 

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