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An Extraordinary Sermon by Dr. Raymond Dillard

An Extraordinary Sermon by Dr. Raymond Dillard

Yesterday (October 1, 2018), I received a reminder from WRF Member Dr. Doug Green that that day was the 25th anniversary of the death of Dr. Raymond B. Dillard. Dr. Dillard was Professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) during the time that both Dr. Green and I worked there.

Dr. Green included in his message a link to one of Ray’s most powerful sermons, “A Cup of Sour Wine.”

I remember that sermon.  I listened to it again last night and found it as moving as I remembered.  The audio of the sermon is available by permission of Westminster Theological Seminary. 

Here is the link “A Cup of Sour Wine” by Dr. Raymond B. Dillard 

 I urge all WRF members to listen to this message from a Christian scholar who taught us SO MANY SO MUCH about both the written and the Incarnate Word of God.

Sam Logan


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