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September 8 Report on Violence in India

United States Legislators Concerned about Violence Targeting Christians in Orissa HYDERABAD, India September 8, 2008

Tenth Presbyterian Church Dedicates Koop Memorial Organ

On September 12, 2008, Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, dedicated the Elizabeth and David Koop Memorial Organ—a four-manual digital AEolian-Skinner organ built by the Walker Technical Company of Zionsville, Pennsylvania.

"An Uncommon Grace" - A Blog on Art, Music, Literature, Film, and Everyday Life

"An Uncommon Grace" exploring the truth of God's Grace through Art, Music, Literature, Film and Everyday Life

Update on Violence in Orissa, India, and Request for Prayer

ORISSA VIOLENCE Update as of September 2, 2008

Africa Regional Workshop to be Held September 23 - 25, 2008

Announcing, for September, 2008, at the Achterberg Conference Centre; Krugersdorp, South Africa

Missions Conference at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson


Women in the Word: A Workshop

Women in the Word: A Workshop is an annual, practical, hands-on, two-day conference. The purpose of Women in the Word is to help women who love and teach God’s Word improve their ability to interpret, apply and present Scripture to others.

Book Available - Hope for the Southern World

Many Christians in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are troubled by political upheavals in their home nations. Recent examples are massive disturbances in Kenya (see above) and Pakistan, and the disturbances are not limited to those two nations.

What can Christian societies do to promote civility in their own nations? The book, Hope for the Southern World, offers some answers.

Christian Education for Children in Vyborg, Russia

 WRF member Margaret Courtney writes: The church in Vyborg, Russia is a relatively new church. This past year, the people of the church realized that they needed to address the spiritual needs of a growing group of young children. We were able to assist them in developing a Christian Education program.

Church Planting in Central Virginia - Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA)

Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) is a church plant in central Virginia. By the grace of God we are off to a good start, with two weekly worship services in the gym of a private school.

Church Planting News and Advice Request from Atlanta - Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church (PCA)

 Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church is a new PCA plant in a highly diverse and rapidly gentrifying part of Atlanta.

One of our greatest desires and prayers has been to build a church that looks increasingly like the kingdom of God, especially in areas that normally fragment the church: race, culture, and socio-economic class.

Dictionary of Evangelical Theology Published in Italian - The Istituto di Formazione Evangelica e Documentazione (IFED) of Padova, Italy

The Istituto di Formazione Evangelica e Documentazione (IFED) of Padova, Italy, announces that, after 4 years of intensive work, the Dizionario di teologia evangelica (Dictionary of Evangelical Theology) was has been released and is available to the public.

Encouraging Women to Teach the Bible

WRF member Susan Logan writes: How do we encourage women to study the Bible on their own and with others? In my experience this happens best when women discover that Scripture is accessible to them. Such a discovery is often a by-product of a small group working together.

FirstLight Ministry in St. Louis Needs Executive Director

FirstLight, the St. Louis-based ministry reaching out to those struggling with unwanted sexual desires, is holding its annual banquet at Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church in Ballwin, Missouri, on Thursday, February 28, 2008. The main speaker is Nate Larkin, co-founder of the Samson Society.

Counseling Advice Requested - Grace Community Church (Mertztown, Pennsylvania, USA)

Grace Community Church (Mertztown, Pennsylvania, USA) has always held to a Reformed understanding of God's sovereignty and human responsibility.

However, we have several members who are struggling with these concepts.

Free Seminary Courses on Apple's "iTunes U" - Reformed Theological Seminary

For the past year and a half, WRF member Reformed Theological Seminary has been a participant in Apple's iTunes U program. This program allows educational institutions to make courses and other materials available to a worldwide audience through Apple's iTunes Music Store.

FREE Theological Education - North American Reformed Seminary (TNARS)

The North American Reformed Seminary (TNARS) is a Reformed Christian seminary and a WRF member that seeks to educate the body of Christ completely free of charge. TNARS enables Christians to get a seminary level education without going into debt (Rom 13:8).

Initiatives at Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia

WRF member Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA has undertaken a $4.4 million capital campaign. The Capital Campaign arises naturally from the Strategic Planning Initiative we began in 2005.

Pastoral Training and Evangelism in French Guiana

 WRF member Gordon Woolard recently made an exploratory trip to French Guiana in NE South America to see if he could start a pastoral training program under the joint auspices of Mission to the World and Ministries in Action.

Rutherford House Library Goes to Highland Theological College

Highland Theological College (HTC) of Dingwall, Scotland, is very privileged to have received the library of Rutherford House, the Centre for Theological Study and Research, which was established in 1983 by the Scottish Evangelical Research Trust. 

Sinclair Ferguson Commentary on Philippians Published in Hebrew

WRF member HaGefen Publishing Company in Israel has just published the first of it’s "Let’s Study" Commentary series in the Hebrew language.

Teaching Hebrew in China - Dr. Wilson Chow

Dr. Wilson Chow, WRF Board of Directors member and Professor at China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong, is teaching a course on Biblical Hebrew this spring semester (2008) at the Zhongshan University in Guangzhou, The People’s Republic of China.