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WRF Member Tim Trumper Ministers in Turkey with WRF Member Kerem Koc

WRF member Tim J. R. Trumper ( recently spent some weeks in Turkey with his wife Brenda, touring the sites of biblical interest. During the trip the Trumpers were delighted to enjoy the hospitality of new WRF member Pastor Kerem KoÇ, his wife Buse, and son Josiah, in the southern city of Antalya.

During the visit Dr. Trumper preached at Antalya Protestant Church, the congregation to which Pastor Kerem ministers. They were also pleased to learn that although there are only an estimated 4250 evangelical believers among the 75 million population of Turkey—roughly a 100% increase from what was estimated twenty years ago—Pastor Kerem and his colleagues have received nearly 10,000 hits on their Turkish based website since its launch in January, 2012 ( Visitors to the website will note it also has an English section. Please be in prayer for Pastor Kerem, his family, and church, as they go very public with the gospel in a country in which freedom to minister remains uncertain and financial resources for life and ministry are needed. Dr. Trumper may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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