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WRF Member Red Futon Films Announces the Release of "Half Devil Half Child: Can You Be Both Christian and Muslim?"

WRF Member Red Futon Films Announces the Release of "Half Devil Half Child: Can You Be Both Christian and Muslim?" November 2, 2012

The item below was submitted by Mr. Jay Friesen, Principal of WRF member Red Futon Films, Inc.  Mr. Friesen may be contacted at the e-mail address below.




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Can you be both Christian and Muslim?


Billings, MT, November 1, 2012- Half Devil Half Child (HDHC), a Red Futon Film production, is now available for worldwide download and streaming at  Entirely unique to the Christian market, this film challenges the taste for comfort, ease and safety Western Christians enjoy. The Christian market has yet to see a documentary like it.


When an acquaintance of HDHC producer Jay Friesen inquired about the subject of his latest film, he replied that the film explores the question, “Can you be a Christian and a Muslim at the same time?”


The person – not a churchgoer – responded, “I think you absolutely can. It all depends on what you want to believe and how you chose to live that out.” Now, for the average, pluralistic American, this is an acceptable and even appropriate answer. But, to a serious-minded Christian, the fact that this same answer is being given within the church and being spread throughout the world by American missionaries, should be of grave concern.


The crew of HDHC went to Bangladesh to speak directly with those affected by this “insider movement”- they wanted the nationals to tell their story. They spoke with Bangladeshi Christians, Muslims and insiders (the new term for a blend of the two religions). They quickly discovered that adherents from both singular faiths believe the movement is incompatible with their true doctrine and the insiders are quite confused at what is going on around them.


This production premiers at a crucial time when Western Christianity needs to radically change how we think about our global impact. As a group that once paved the way for the gospel in foreign lands, we are now invited to take a supporting role, getting behind national Christians as they take the lead in spreading this global gospel.






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