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WRF member Dr. Jay Lykins announces new website

A new home for our website! As some of you may know, I was “deactivated” by Facebook several months ago for reposting a news item about Islam.  The post was not derogatory - it was a simple news item - that some people did not like.  It was not even fake news.  It simply was not liked.

The website I started three years ago with the support of many of you has also been  hacked so bad that the website had to be taken down, name changed, and started with a new host.

The website is designed to teach others about Islam.  No pot-shots.  No vindictiveness.  Just straight up Islam - the good and the bad.  If you want to know  something about Islam, I was and am, committed to finding the answer for you.  Just ask.

We have now moved our website and I am back to where I was at this time in 2018.  The good thing is that the content is already done, it just now needs to be populated to the new site.  We do have a new name though; I’ve also filed with the Secretary of State of Colorado, making us a legal corporation; filing with the IRS has also been done, although a determination letter has not been provided as of this date, 01/11/2021.  I do expect to receive it though, as we only filed in November of 2020.

Friends, all of the above is simply to say, “COME SEE US!!”  We are open for business again.  The new name is much like the old one  We also have several new topics coming later this year, after all the other content is re-posted.

Our site is secure; you no longer have to sign-in or be a member, although you can sign up for a potential newsletter at some point and to receive content updates.


In His Service,




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