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WRF Denominational Member The Presbyterian Church in Uganda Announces the Westminster Christian Institute Uganda

The following news item has been provided by the Presbyterian Church in Uganda (PCU), a denominational member of the World Reformed Fellowship.


August 24, 2016

Dear Dr. Samuel Logan, Greetings in our Lord's Name!!! We thank God for you and all the services you are rendering to the reformed fraternity in furthering our Lord's kingdom. This note serves to introduce to you Westminster Christian Institute Uganda (WCIU), a place where in all things Christ takes the preeminence. WCIU is dedicated to advancing the cause of Christ through theological education that is faithful to the inerrant Scriptures and prepares God’s servants to communicate the Gospel of Christ to our changing world. We integrate the inerrant word of God in every body of knowledge we offer to our students in all our fields of study. The primary responsibility of Westminster Christian Institute Uganda is to prepare God’s saints for the work of ministry wherever the Lord is calling them to engage in His service to the world. We provide theological education to lay Christians men and women who seek to serve in the Christian community and the larger society. Our faculties and lecturers are composed of men and women who love the gospel of grace and love the bride of Christ, the church, and are passionate about evangelism, preaching, church planting, biblical discipleship, church revitalization and missions and desire to impart our students with love for the Church and salvation of the lost world. The pastor, Christian teacher, and business man and woman of God need a biblical world and life view to minister effectively to believers, learners, and customers and the lost world. Our school of education and vocational studies seeks to integrate Christian values in every body of knowledge we give to all our prospective students. We are therefore, writing to request you in as Associate International Director for World Reformed Fellowship to introduce Westminster Christian Institute Uganda to the fraternity of the World Reformed Fellowship for possible applicants who feel that God has called them to serve Him as an agents of transformation at whatever station He has positioned them. Attached here below are the school’s application forms, and brochure to guide the applicants on how to apply for admission at Westminster Christian Institute Uganda. We kindly look forward to your assisting Westminster Christian Institute Uganda in reaching as many potential applicants as possible.

In Christ Alone, Elder Fred Kabenge Presbyterian Church of Uganda Secretariat Office Coordinator Westminster Christian Institute Secretary Websites:   and

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