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WRF Board Members Lead Organizational Meeting of the WRF Regional Board for Latin America

From September 24 through September 26, five WRF Board members met with ministry leaders from all over Latin America to form the new regional Board of the WRF for Latin America.

The meetings were held in San Jose, Costa Rica, and in attendance were ministry leaders throughout the continent of Latin America - from Mexico to Argentina.

The Board members who participated in the meeting were Solano Portela (Brazil),  Andrez Garza (Mexico),  Paul Gilchrist (USA, formerly a missionary to Chile),  Woody Lajara (a Puerto Rican now living and ministering in the USA, and  Danny Ramirez (Mexico).

Click on the link below for a photograph of these Board members at the Costa Rica meeting (they are pictured in the same order as they are listed above, left to right). 

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