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WEF Member Duncan Peters Provides a Translation of the Gospel of Luke For Work With Muslims

Holy Injil, Luke – A New Translation from the Original Greek Text with Commentary: The highly successful 2017 edition has been revised and improved and is now available. Features include:

An introduction which encourages Muslims to read the Injil (New Testament), quoting from the Qur’an. A new translation of Luke from the original Greek into Muslim idiom English, using religious terminology and names Muslims are familiar with. Commentary provides useful Old Testament or cultural background, attempts to deal with difficulties a Muslim reader may encounter as they read through Luke, explain biblical themes, and cross-references the Qur’an where it is helpful to do so. Hard coverColour photos of very early New Testament manuscripts

375 pages

Translation and commentary by Duncan Peters

RRP is £10.00 a copy. However, if you order direct,One copy is £5.00 + £1.72 postage*Five copies are £17.00 + £3.00 postage** To UK. For overseas orders, different rates apply

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