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Prayers and support for the Turkish church after devastating earthquakes

Last week, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck along the Turkey-Syria border. The two major earthquakes affect about 14 million people living in 10 major cities in Turkey. More than 35,000 deaths have been recorded, though the estimates are that many more will be added to that number.

A WRF member in Turkey (unnamed for his protection) says that 200,000 people are unaccounted for and assumed to be under collapsed buildings. This member also reports that some members of his church lost family members in this disaster. Reports are that the pastor of the church in Antioch and his wife died under the rubble. 

This tragedy is a call to action to the people of God. The WRF member’s church has some volunteers who are ready to go to the Antioch area to assist Christians who were affected by this disaster. He says, “We are hoping to establish several shipping container homes for our brothers and sisters to feel safe and live there until we find other ways to help them.”

Please join with the church in Turkey in praying for the families who are grieving. As the Lord leads, you can donate to the relief efforts initiated by the WRF member by visiting:

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