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What are you doing particularly for children's ministry when children are not yet gathering at church?

In anticipation of a poll we are preparing for the members of the WRF regarding ministry in a Covid19 scenario, Sam Logan, the WRF's Associate International Director, asked the Director of Children’s Ministries at Calvary Presbyterian Church (PCA)* in Willow Grove, PA, the following related questions:

"What are you doing particularly for children's ministry when children are not yet gathering at church?"  And related, "Do you have any particular suggestions for family-friendly materials that won't overwhelm super busy parents?"

The answer should be helpful for many other churches:


Great Commission Publications ( has a curriculum for The Pilgrim's Progress that is very flexible and, I think, easy for parents to use.  We believe that it will be a tool, not just to teach children, but also to encourage overwhelmed parents who are continuing to oversee their children's education at home while trying to get in their own work hours.  At the very least, a family can listen together to the dramatized reading of the children's version of the story and discuss it a bit - and no screens are necessary!  For those who can do a bit more, it comes with suggested conversation starters for parents to use and worksheets for the children, too.  It's also flexible enough that if we are able to meet together before the 13 weeks are over, we would be able to adapt it (back) to a church setting.  We will be spending the next two weeks to plan some kind of Pilgrim’s Progress-themed event(s) to bring the various families together and have some kind of community experience as we journey through the curriculum.

*Calvary is a congregational member of the WRF and the PCA is a denominational member of the WRF.  This is the church which Sam and Susan Logan attend and Sam intends to “count this” as his initial contribution!

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