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An Excellent New Book by WRF Member Dr. Tim Trumper

Tim J. R. Trumper, Christianese or Christ? Jesus’ Timely Challenge of the Parable of the Sower (Grand Rapids, MI: Reaching America Ministries and From His Fullness Ministries, 2019). 254 pages; $9.99.

If you assume Jesus' parable of the sower is but a bland earthly story with a heavenly meaning, think again. Jesus doesn’t do bland!

Read in the context of the kingdom of heaven, our Lord’s best-known parable offers a welcome tonic to faithful preachers and hearers of God's Word today and provides a searching evaluation of the razzmatazz of our celebrity culture with its prevalence of pseudo-Christianity.

In turn, Christianese or Christ?—in expounding the parable in its context—constitutes a tract for our times. It calls those of us who preach the Word to jettison our coolness for the biblical but unpopular convictions of Christlike disciple-making, and those of us who hear the Word to ponder our ways. After all, Jesus' sovereign claim to our lives comports with neither an authentic Christian's malaise, nor a professing Christian's cultural "Christianity," nor, indeed, with the non-Christian interest in Christ as Savior but not as King.  

With the nature of our Christianity and the strength of the Christian church at stake, Jesus' parable of the sower merits personal and group study. It should lead us to earnest prayer for the revival of our persons, our pews, and our pulpits.

Of Christianese or Christ? veteran Welsh expositor, Rev. Geoff Thomas, D.D. writes: 

This is a superb example of the preaching I love, systematic, expository, evangelistic preaching. This Welshman, Dr Timothy Trumper, stands in the succession of preachers exemplified by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, but his ministry has been expanded by his own keen mind, theological training, international experience, warm spirituality and the utterly contemporary nature of his proclamation of the Lord Jesus Christ. So equipped, he faces ideas and issues that congregations and pulpits have to face. There is much help here for the Christian and also for every pastor as they are introduced to the great Sower who constantly goes forth sowing the seed of the word.

The book is available for purchase at international Amazon outlets.

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