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Dr. Michael Goheen Discusses Reformed Missiology in the Tradition of Augustine, Calvin, Bavinck (Herman and J. H.) and Kraemer.

Dr. Michael Goheen has a robust Reformed Theology and represents the best of the rediscovery of biblical Calvinism. In 4 lectures he gave at Reformed Theological Seminary’s Orlando Campus,  he presents a very rich and very neglected and often very maligned understanding of Calvinism.

He presents the best of Reformed missiology in the tradition Augustine, Calvin’s idea of the sensus divinitatis  as developed by Herman Bavinck,  J. H. Bavinck and Hendrik Kraemer. He comes to grips with the fact of today's religious pluralism, and encourages an engagement that is loving and humble toward the cultures within which the Gospel is proclaimed, but which honestly and boldly confronts the "powers" which must ultimately give way to the reign of Jesus Christ.

Here is the link to Dr. Goheen's lectures:

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