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COALIZÃO PELO EVANGELHO (TGC - THE GOSPEL COALITION, Brasil) Issues a National Call to Prayer and Fasting

The Coalizão Pelo Evangelho, which is the Brazilian chapter of The Gospel Coalition (TGC), has issued a Call to Prayer and Fasting, inviting all Christians in Brazil to pray and fast as the country faces enormous challenges related to the pandemic and other correlated issues.

We post this item in our News area because we believe it will be of interest for the global church, as many will want to stand with our Brazilian brothers and sisters as they call upon the Lord in the next few days.  Note also, that of the members of the Board of TCG-Brasil, who are signatories of the call, 6 are individual members of the World Reformed Fellowship, 2 are principles of members organizations and three are Board Members of the WRF, including the International Director, Davi Charles Gomes.

You may read the English translation on the PDF below, or, the original Portuguese here.


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