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Announcing the 2017 Rome Scholars Network

 The Reformanda Initiative announces that the 2017 Rome Scholars Network (RSN) will take place from 23–29 June, 2017 in Rome, Italy. This week long seminar is designed to create a context for evangelical scholars and leaders to:

Have access to evangelical scholars who are experts on Roman Catholicism. This year’s faculty will include Drs. Gregg Allison, Leonardo De Chirico, Mark Gilbert, Brad Green, Jean-Paul Rempp, and Pietro Bolognesi.Study and evaluate Roman Catholic theology and practice in the heart of Roman Catholicism, the city of Rome itself. Be trained and equipped to be scholars, leaders, and communicators of an evangelical perspective about Roman Catholicism and the biblical Gospel of salvation through faith alone. The Rome Scholars Network program includes, among other things:Text-based discussions on pre-assigned reading selectionsIntegrated lectures on Roman Catholic theology and practice, evangelical theological distinctives, historical relations between Roman Catholics and Protestants, and opportunities for dialogue, evangelism, and engagement todayPapers, written and submitted by participants, on an evangelical perspective on Roman Catholic theology and practice that are evaluated by RSN facultyPersonal mentoring between each participant and a faculty memberSpecial sessions on the Lausanne Movement and the World Evangelical Alliance in their dealings with Roman CatholicismPublic dialogue between the RSN faculty and Roman Catholic scholarsThe 2017 RSN will also have a special program for returning alumni


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 Read what some of the 2016 RSN participants have said about it:  Greg Bastin, Ph.D. (Pastor and Lecturer at Emmaüs Bible Institute, Switzerland): “I was really glad that we covered so many subjects throughout this week and that we didn’t get an atomistic view of Catholicism but we saw it as a whole theological system. What I really valued was to be in a group that esteems the Gospel and truth far above tolerance and compromise”.  Charlie Fletcher (Regional Director for the South Pacific for Lausanne, Australia): “In contrast to some of the fuzzier ecumenical approaches to Roman Catholicism among evangelicals, the posture of the Rome Scholars Network combines deep theological thinking, clear-sighted historical perspective, firm evangelical identity and gracious engagement”.    Mark Gilbert (Author, Evangelist, and Leaders of Certainty 4 Eternity, Australia): “When I heard about the RSN I couldn’t wait to fly twenty-four hours around the world to meet with some of the world’s best Evangelical thinkers on Roman Catho licism and I wasn’t disappointed. We were presented with a sensitive, carefully articulated and very engaging synopsis of Roman Catholicism throughout history and today. All this in the sumptuous city of Rome with a great group of brothers and sisters from American, Europe and Australia”.  Espen Ottosen (Writer, Author, and leading Apologist in Norway): “I used to serve as a missionary in Peru so it has been really interesting to get to know how Evangelicals should think about reaching Roman Catholics with the Gospel, not just the nominal ones but also those Catholics who are more knowledgeable of their faith. This week will also help me reflect about what to do in Norway where some are being attracted by Roman Catholicism”.  

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